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Lotto Agent, currently rightfully ranked among the best lottery sites.
They offer some of the largest international lotteries in Italy, great Britain, Germany, France, Portugal, Spain, the USA and Russia, and extremely favorable prices.

You would definitely be crazy if you didn’t at least take a look at Lotto Agent and its excellent Lottery Partner affiliate program!

About the Lottery Partner

Lotto Agent is a lottery ticket buying service. Although its head office is located in Belize, the brand has an extensive network of lottery agents in countries such as Italy, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom, Australia and Brazil. Players can use this service to buy tickets in some of the best lotteries in the countries mentioned earlier.

The idea that Lotto Agent brings to the masses is the availability of state lotteries in different countries for customers from all over the world. It started working back in 2012, and has since grown into a network of lottery agents in the US and Europe.

Their activity is to buy lottery tickets at points of sale and transfer them to the company’s offices for storage. Information about lottery tickets is entered in the database, and customers can order them online, as well as learn about their winnings, promotions, and dates of draws.

This is the list of Lotteries:

Today, these lotteries include Powerball, SuperLotto Plus, MEGA Millions, El Gordo, EuroJackpot, New Jersey Pick-6, Lotto Texas, EuroMillions, La Primitiva, BonoLoto, UK Lotto and SuperEnalotto.

To play the lottery, you need to select several numbers and place a bet. To stimulate the activity of players on the site there are discounts.

You can enter a promo code and buy a better ticket. One-time participation, multi-draw (for several editions with a discount) and subscription for multiple participation with automatic debiting of money from the client’s card are available.

Advantages of the Affiliate program

  • High Commission rates for affiliates. About 10-20% for the revenue share or $ 15, or more if you plan to work under the CPA model.
  • Choose between revenue share, cost per conversion, or a special hybrid plan.
  • Get paid immediately as soon as the referral buys a ticket.
  • Commission withdrawal starts at $ 30.
  • In the toolbar, you will get very detailed statistics of commissions, fees, attracted users, and much more.
  • The partner program works on various devices, including mobile devices.
  • Multilingual interface. The partner program is available in 8 languages.
  • Receive money via PayPal, Skrill or Webmoney-your choice!
  • Invite new partners and get commissions.

Commission Structure

As we mentioned earlier, if you successfully promote the “Lottery agent” brand, you will receive a generous Commission from the program.

For partners who have taken over the Commission structure, the program will give them from 10% to 20% of the revenue received by the brand from the players they have attracted. In addition, affiliates can also use the CPA commission structure, which will allow them to earn a minimum of $ 15 for each player who makes a Deposit that can link to the brand.

Partners who can prove that they are able to generate constant traffic can choose a special hybrid plan.

The affiliate program will provide such partners with a special CPA Commission in the amount of 10 to 25 dollars for each attracted player. In addition to the CPA fee, branches will also receive a share of lifetime income, ranging from 20% to 5% (the higher the CPA fee).

Share of Proceeds

  • 0-10 First depositor – 10% Commission fee
  • 11-30 FTDs – 12% Commission fee
  • 31-50 FTDs – 15% Commission fee
  • 51+ FTD – 20% Commission fee


  • It starts at $ 15 for each player who makes a Deposit.Special hybrid price per conversion / revenue share
  • 1 FTD – us $ 10 per conversion; 20% Commission fee
  • 1 FTD – us $ 15 per conversion; 15% Commission fee
  • 1 FTD – us $ 20 per conversion; 10% Commission on revenue
  • 1 FTD – us $ 25 per conversion; 5% Commission on revenue

Sub Affiliate

  • 1st level – 15% of revenue from referrals of sub-partners
  • 2-d Level – 30% of income received from referrals of sub-affiliates

Partner Tools & Banners

Once you have registered as an affiliate of Lottery Partner, you will be able to start promoting the Lottery Agent brand.

For a successful advertising campaign, you will get access to the multi-functional API, as well as to advertising and marketing materials of the partner program.

Multifunctional API

With it, you will be able to quickly obtain information about the lottery date of the prize draw amount of the jackpots and other. In addition, you can use the API to configure customer registration without having to direct them to third-party sites, which allows you to increase conversion rates.

API integration also allows you to get archived lottery results. Lottery Partner positions itself as the only one with such solutions among lottery partners.

A rich set of promotional materials. As we mentioned earlier, they are available to the webmaster in 8 languages.

You can choose to Advertise

  • horizontal, vertical, square banners of different themes (you can request unique banners from technical support);
  • dynamic widget-a form where the user can select numbers to participate in the lottery without leaving your site;
  • a unique tool for installing on the site — active corners:
  • text links;
  • concise HTML blocks:

Detailed statistics in realtime mode

Reports on purchases of the listed users are displayed in real time. You get transparent statistics without delays and shaves.

More importantly, partners can use the program’s detailed monitoring system to generate detailed reports related to their campaign referrals, conversions, and commissions received.

Instant receipt of payments to the partner. The money is credited to the balance without a hold as soon as the customer makes the payment.

Adaptability of the Cabinet

You can track your statistics from your desktop at home, or go on a trip and manage your personal account equally well from your smartphone/tablet on the go. The adaptability of the Cabinet is a rare and strong advantage!

Round-the-clock support

You will be advised on the envelope, promo materials and other issues 24/7. Moreover, the support service fulfills its function at 100%, and does not get off with general phrases. You can contact the support service via Skype, online chat, or e-mail.


Unlike most partner programs, Lottery Partner has a relatively convenient payment process. Affiliates can receive payment via payment solutions such as Visa and / or MasterCard debit / credit cards, Bank transfer, Skrill, WebMoney, Paypal, and even bitcoin.

While affiliates instantly bill their commissions as soon as they link to the player who made the Deposit, processing payments on them is still limited to once a month. There are special conditions for VIP partners: you can receive money every week.

In addition, you must make sure that your Commission is at least $ 30 before the program processes payments for your preferred payment methods.

Summary – Final Thoughts

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Affiliates who want a diversified revenue stream should definitely check out Lottery Partner! By joining this truly great affiliate program, they will be able to promote the Lotto Agent brand.

It is a solid international service that allows users / players to buy lottery tickets in some of the most popular lotteries in Italy, the UK and the US. What’s great about the service this site offers is that it has so few restrictions.

Due to the uniqueness and availability of this service, partners can expect a large reward for website promotion! We recommend this partner program!

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