Types of Bets in Bookmakers

Almost everyone associates sports betting with temperamental and emotional players. If, for example, in the past, in order to place a bet, people specifically went to the venue of a sports event, now to make predictions and place bet, it is enough to have access to the Internet and go to the website of a bookmaker.

These bookmakers offer hundreds, and sometimes thousands of types of sports betting, and most of them are based on the principle of a lottery, where it is impossible to predict in advance whether you will be lucky or not.

However, there are several main types of bets, where the victory depends not on the theory of probability, but on the knowledge and skills of the player. Let’s look at each of these bets.

Bets on the Account

This is a forecast for the exact score. This type of bet has a fairly high coefficient, as it is sometimes difficult to guess the winner of the game.

After looking at the statistics of a particular team, you can find a certain pattern and make a fairly accurate forecast based on it. By the way, the most common outcomes are 1:0, 2:1, 2:0, 3:1.

Bets on the Outcome

This is a bet on the final result — the victory of one of the teams or “draw” (1 win 1 team 2 win 2 team, x — draw). This type of betting is the most popular, as it is quite simple to assess the level and nature of the game of each team — whether they will try to save their strength or play, giving everything to the full.

If there is no confidence in the victory of the team, but it is known that it will definitely not lose, then in this case you can place a bet of 1x (2x).

“Live” Bets

These are bets that are placed during the match. So, for example, if a player does not have confidence in the predictions for a match, he can wait for it to start.

After looking at the first actions of the team, it is much easier to predict the outcome and then make your bet.


This is a single event bet where the player bets on the selected forecast. If it is justified, the player starts winning equal to the product of the amount of the bet made by the coefficient set by the bookmaker.

Express Bet

This is a bet on several events at once (2 or more). In order for the bet to be justified, it is necessary that all the predictions that the player has placed bets on come true. If at least one event does not come true, the bet is considered a losing bet.

As you have already noticed, the express rate is heavier than the ordinary rate.

But there are also positive aspects in it, such as the bet coefficient increased due to the number of events. As a rule, the higher the coefficient, the greater the win. In this type of betting, you often get a really big jackpot.


This is a search of various options for an express bet from a certain number of events. Since an express bet can fail just because of one losing outcome, a bet called “System”was created.

Thanks to it, players have a better chance of winning, as they are more insured against random outcomes.

Special Bets

The name of the bet speaks for itself. Bookmaker often offer to make very extravagant bet — whether there will be a penalty, who will score first, who will be the first to give a corner, etc.

It is worth noting that in this case it is difficult to make an accurate forecast for such events, but it is quite possible to try your luck.

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