Sport betting strategies

What are the strategies of the game in bookmakers? Due to the fact that bookmakers are always ready to accept any bet, we can conclude that in this way almost any bet makes a profit and they earn very well on this.

And this is quite natural, because finding a reliable partner for betting is not an easy task.

Absolutely all bookmakers lay their own coefficient for each proposed event. This is their interest.

As an example, we will take any line of events with two possible outcomes.

If the bookmaker did not earn anything, then by placing bets on both outcomes, you will receive a guaranteed profit for any result of the match or competition.

Few people know, but all these lines of events of bookmakers are far from ideal.

For example, if you bet on both outcomes of the same event at once, you will lose about 2-4% of your invested funds in any case. This percentage can “go” from one bookmaker to another, but without its guaranteed profit, no bookmaker will post a single line.

Let’s look at a specific example. So, if you bet with a bookmaker on “even” or “odd”, then in any case, you will be offered a coefficient of no more than 1.95.

What does this mean? This means that if you bet $ 100 on each of the two events, you will only get $ 195 back.

In this case, the bookmaker takes 2.5% of your bets. And in return, you get a reliable partner for sports betting and are guaranteed to get the money you won. Everything is fair and mutually beneficial.

From all of the above, we can conclude that without a certain system or strategy, you will not be able to earn at least something, especially in the long run.

In reality, no win-win systems and strategies actually exist. However, patience and perseverance are always rewarded! This also applies to sports betting.

Most professional players prefer to choose a fairly narrow specialization, for example, matches of the Grand Slam tournaments, GS:GO Majors or Darts competitions. They, oddly enough, often know much more about the players of these tournaments than the bookmaker itself.

The fact is that very few bets are placed on such sports events, so it is expensive for bookmakers to conduct an accurate analysis when declaring a line with possible outcomes.

Therefore, if you are patient and carefully study your sector, you will be able to independently make an accurate forecast for the results of any low-level match, as a result of which your bet may be truly winning. And what’s more, you’ll hit a really big jackpot!

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