Promocode in casino

A promocode in an online casino is a code word that can consist of a combination of letters, numbers, letters and numbers, and other characters.

 It is used to receive a reward, monetary or not. You can get them in different ways, here are a few of the most common:

  • Mailing list to the email address that you leave when registering.
  • Information sections on the websites of partners. So, for example, you can see some promo codes on our website.
  • Social networks run by the casinos themselves or their partners. Sometimes they publish temporary promocodes that are active for several days, or even several hours.
  • Personal account on the casino website.There you will find code words for standard rewards, such as a bonus package for beginners.

In the player’s Personal Account, promocodes are usually stored if the entire bonus system is tied to entering code words: in some gambling clubs, bonus rewards are not awarded automatically, they need to be activated.

Sometimes bonus codes are also provided by the casino’s customer support service.

If you saw in the advertisement that the casino has a welcome package, but you can’t find it in your personal account, you may need to contact the support service to get a promo code there.

Various rewards accepted at the casino can also be used as bonuses: for example, free spins, extra money, and tournament admissions.

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