Our casino review and rating process

Our online casino reviews are one of the main aspects of the AzartGambler website.

We are committed to providing online casino players with the best and best possible information so that they can make best informed decisions when it comes to online gambling.

We believe that choosing a really good casino to play in is one of the most important decisions that every player makes.

In this article, we will go into detail about our casino review process so that you can better understand it and see the reasons why some casinos are rated differently than others.

We’ll start with a brief summary, and then move on to a more detailed explanation and description of our casino review process. A brief overview should usually be enough to help you understand the main idea.

But we advise you to read our reviews in detail if you want to know exactly how we consider and evaluate the casino.

Why our Reviews are different from others

Our casino reviews are different from most of the reviews available on the Internet.

Of course, we also focus not only on the usability of the site, the license, the choice of games, bonuses and other subjective factors in the overall reputation rating.

But in addition, our ratings are based on what we think is most important – the reputation of the casino.

Our rating is based on how casinos relate their players, and how likely it is that players are to be able to withdraw their winnings without encountering the problems that are quite common in unscrupulous casinos (applying dishonest rules, coming up with reasons not to pay players, etc.).

Casinos with an honest approach to gambling tend to have a very high reputation and very high ratings on our site.

In addition to the overall reputation rating, another very important indicator of the quality of the casino is the order in which the casinos appear in our list of the best online casinos.

It is based on the overall ranking, but also takes into account factors such as payment method support, language support, and other features important to players from each specific country.

While some players may not be aware of this, there are actually many casinos that do not see “fairness” as one of their priorities in dealing with their players.

We can see that perfectly well. This is why we focus on these factors in our reviews. We want players to be able to play safely, and helping them choose an honest casino is crucial to that.

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