Loyalty Program

The loyalty program is provided in all major casinos with a worldwide reputation. Absolutely any player can take part in it.

The essence of the loyalty program is that for each deposit you make, you get points (for example, 10 points for every € / $ 100).

Depending on the number of points, your status will change: silver, gold, platinum, diamond, etc.

The status allows players to play at the casino on more favorable terms. Thus, the casino lures the player to come back again.

In addition, it makes it clear that they play more prestigious than other casinos.

What loyalty bonuses can you get?

The main loyalty bonus is issued when exchanging club points for bonus money, similar to a cashback bonus. VIP-points have a large number of advantages, for example:

  • Quick money withdrawal
  • Personal manager for communication with the casino
  • Participate in exclusive tournaments
  • Exclusive gifts
  • Purchase of branded products in the online store
  • Luxury cars or sports cars
  • Tours and meetings with the leadership of the casino
  • Participation in the raffle of vacation packages
  • Tickets for sports and cultural events and much more

Remember, the casino has no reason not to accept you into its elite club. However, always listen to your intuition, and it is better to bring as much information about the institution as possible.

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