Indications of an unfair casino

It is probably no secret that there are casinos that use extremely unscrupulous, hidden, deceitful or restrictive methods.

We carefully investigate each casino and reduce its reputation rating for things that can potentially harm players, deceive players, or reduce their user experience. These features include.

Fake license or no license at all

Licenses are very important in the online gambling ecosystem. The licenses let players know that they can trust this casino and that the rules are in place. If the casino does not have a license or it has a fake license (which is probably even worse), we certainly lower the reputation rating of this casino.

Fake games

Honest licensed casinos always manage original games from casino game providers.
However, some casinos also use fake copies of well-known games, which can easily be modified to pay out less than the original they are based on. This is very unfair to players, and we are lowering the reputation rating of such casinos that work with fake games.

Low withdrawal limits

Some casinos have extremely low withdrawal limits, which can lead to players having to wait months or even years before receiving their fair winnings in full.
We reduce the reputation rating of the casino if it uses withdrawal limits below those that we consider fair.

Low win limits

All any win limits are always unfair to players, but we are willing to tolerate them if they are high enough not to be restrictive for most players and, these limits do not apply to progressive jackpot winnings, or if they are required by a regulatory authority.
If the limits are too low and are not required by the regulator, we also reduce the casino’s reputation rating.

Unfair rules

Each rule described in the Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) of each casino must comply with fair play and be fair. If this is not the case and we find some rules unfair, we warn our visitors about them and lower the reputation rating of the casino that uses them.


Surely, you’ve seen the sites that publish the black list of the casino. If a casino appears on the blacklist, we review it in detail. The severity of the reasons for being included in these lists, as well as the relevance of each blacklist, determines whether we deduct points from our reputation rating and how many points we deduct.

Hidden rules

All the basic rules must be mentioned in the general T&Cs or Bonus T&Cs of each bonus. If a casino applies rules that are not listed in T&Cs, this is a clear sign of unfair treatment of players, and because of this, we also lower the casino’s reputation rating.

Poor quality of support

Customer support is a very important factor that affects both player satisfaction with a particular casino and the overall level of user experience.
We certainly don’t expect the level of customer support to be truly perfect in every casino, but if the support for a casino is very bad, we certainly lower its reputation rating.

We have listed the most common reasons for lowering the reputation rating casino, however, they are certainly not the only ones.

It’s worth noting that dishonest casinos are very creative in their ways of scamming players, so we take a very close look at each casino, its website, and T&Cs to make sure we don’t miss anything that could be used against players.

It is also important to note that each case is considered separately. Sometimes the casino is a good enough reason to do what we usually think it’s very unfair (for example, to have the win limits because of the rules, to work without a license because of the anonymity, etc.).
In these cases, we communicate with the casino to make sure that we are fair not only to the players but also the casino.

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