Introduction to online casino bonuses

Casino bonuses are one of the main ways to attract new players. Casino bonuses generally seem very tempting. After all, this is their main goal.

No deposit bonuses give you a great opportunity to play and maybe even win something free, while deposit bonuses give you extra funds to play with along with your deposit.

There are other types of casino bonuses, but these two types of bonuses are the most common and popular.

However, bonuses come with certain conditions that can be extremely limiting. They determine what you can and can’t do when playing with an active bonus, or even how much you can win from it.irly they treat their players.

It is very important that you are aware of these main rules and follow them clearly, as if you do not do this, it will most likely lead to your bonus and any potential winnings being taken away from you.

Here are some of the most common bonus rules:

  • Wagering Requirements – You can’t just take your bonus money and withdraw it. First, you need to play with your bonus funds and bet a certain amount in total to convert your bonus funds into real, withdrawable money.
  • Maximum Win – The amount of real money you can win with your bonus is also often limited. This is most often the case with no deposit bonuses, but some deposit bonuses also have a limit on the maximum winnings.
  • Maximum Bet – The maximum bet you can make while playing with bonus funds is often limited.
  • Limited Countries – Bonuses are usually only available to players in specific selected countries.
  • Limited Games – When playing with bonus funds, your game selection will often be limited. Bets placed on limited games do not count towards the wagering conditions. Playing limited games may even cause your bonus winnings to be completely canceled.

For more information about casino bonuses and the rules related to the bonus game, we advise you to read our detailed guide to casino bonuses.

We strongly advise you to read this guide before you take advantage of your first casino bonus.

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