How to choose the right bookmaker

Which bookmakers are worth playing in? Sports betting is becoming increasingly popular among fans of gambling, especially on the Internet. Taking into account the fact that there are a huge number of such online bookmakers, novice bettors sometimes really get lost and do not know in which bookmaker you can play, and in which it is not desirable and, moreover, extremely dangerous.

Before placing a bet in any bookmaker, be sure to collect information about this institution, evaluating it according to a number of important parameters.

Financial Stability

Try to find out how popular this office is and whether there are complaints about it from players. In other words, be sure to find out whether it is safe to transfer your personal funds and savings to the account of this bookmaker at all. In order to find out, use all means to do this — both rumors, and reviews on forums, or independent opinions of professional players.

If you find out that the online office received a large number of complaints for non-payment of winnings or their very long delay, then most likely this institution is not reliable. In this case, we advise you to find another bookmaker.

Terms & Conditions

Be sure to read the terms & conditions. If you do not understand any point during the review, then check this point with the bookmaker’s support service.

So, for example, if you can only make express bets in an online office, then this should already raise doubts. There is something not clean, it is better to find another place.

But, fortunately, today you can meet such offices less and less often due to the fact that more and more bookmakers began to switch to single bets.

The Odds of the Bets

Try to find out what types of bets are provided in this office and how much the odds for a certain sporting event differ when compared with competitors.

Also find out how much the company changes the coefficients and how quickly it sets them. Even in the case of the slightest changes in the odds, the player must win according to the odds set at the time of placing the bet.

If this rule is not available in your chosen bookmaker, do not play in this institution, as such behavior is extremely unacceptable.

Deposit & Withdrawal Methods

Good and reputable bookmakers accept various ways of depositing funds. Currently, the most common methods are credit cards, or electronic payment systems, such as Skrill, Neteller, Trustly, WebMoney.


As a rule, bookmakers pay taxes in the countries where they are registered. Some of the countries require bookmakers to levy a tax on their players as well. Just such bookmakers should be avoided.

Maximum Win Amount

Make sure that the online office does not set limits on the amount of winnings. For those who do not take sports betting seriously, this point may not be so important. However, for those who are used to playing for large sums, it makes a big difference.

Minimum Deposit

Carefully read the rules of the online office, especially with regard to the minimum deposit. The fact is that many bookmakers set a minimum deposit amount, which is often equal to a fairly serious amount. Try not to play in such “predatory” establishments.
The minimum deposit in good bookmakers is always small!

Suggested Events

The most terrible and unsafe act for the player of the bookmaker’s office can rightly be called not even a sharp decrease in the coefficient for a certain event, but in general the complete inability to bet on it.

It should be recognized that, unfortunately, most bookmakers include only popular championships and leagues in their lines, and less popular ones are often simply ignored.

Therefore, if your chosen bookmaker involves betting on a large number of sports and events, then this is a strong argument in its favor.

This is explained by the fact that a “smart” online bookmaker understands that the more events it offers to its players, the more chances they will place bets. Thus, similar to the bookmaker and make a profit.

That is why do not bet on sports in those online offices where the betting line involves only a couple of sports or there is no possibility to bet on less popular leagues.

Remember! Reputable and respected bookmakers offer a wide range of bets on a large number of sporting events.


When choosing a bookmaker, be as demanding and serious as possible so that in the future the game in your chosen bookmaker does not bring you only disappointment.

Carefully check it for all the criteria described above, and only then entrust it with your funds.

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