How to choose an online casino?

Online casinos appear and cease to exist almost every week. Currently, players can choose from more than 5,500 online casinos.

At first glance, it may seem that choosing the right casino from such a huge number may not be so easy.

But this is not the case at all. When choosing a good online casino, you need to take into account the main things that at first glance are not quite clear to the layman.

When choosing the best casino for you, you must first be sure that the casino meets the most important parameters, such as the reception of players from the country in which you live, and the casino’s good reputation for fair play and payout of winnings.

Secondly, you can choose a casino based on the availability of customer support in your language, the attractiveness of the casino site design, or according to their choice of games.

We try to list the casinos that have most of these characteristics in our list of the best online casinos. Feel free to use our casino list with advanced filtering feature to find the best online casino for you.

1. The casino accepts players from your country

Always make sure that the casino fully accepts players from the country where you have a place of residence. Many countries formally prohibit online casinos from operating on their territory.

In practice, not all countries apply this ban to every casino. In addition, not all countries have an impact on the casino-based gambling legislative havens. But many casinos prefer to back down and not accept players from such countries.

If you are from such a country, you may find that the casino will allow you to register and play, but if you win, you will need proof of residence in another country. They will definitely refer to this in their terms and conditions.

If in doubt, it is best to ask directly about this casino via an online chat before depositing any money into it. Use the following question: “Hello, I am a player with a place of residence in (your country).

I would like to know if you fully accept players from (your country). Can I register at your casino, deposit money, play, win, and then also withdraw my winnings?” If the answer to your question is positive, make sure to take a screenshot of the chat and save it.

2. Respected Regulator

Each online casino is officially managed from a country (or territory with a special statute-jurisdiction). To be able to operate an online casino from a specific country, that country must have friendly legislation regarding online gambling.

Licenses are issued either by a state that wants to regulate and tax online gambling of its own citizens (UK, Belgium, Sweden, etc.), or by jurisdictions that want to allow casinos to conduct international business (Malta, Curacao, etc.).

If the casino stubbornly refuses to pay you your legitimate winnings, you can only contact the regulator that issued the casino license.

Only then will it show how important it was to choose the casino according to who issued the license to it.

A good regulatory body should always stand independently on the side of fair gambling. It must impartially evaluate and investigate every official complaint.

In the event of a serious violation of the rules, the casino may agree to revoke its license.

In practice, with some regulators, you won’t even be able to access the contact form for filing a complaint (Costa Rica, Seychelles, Panama, Anjouan.).

In this case, contrary to the will of the casino, you have no chance.

With some regulators, you may have a chance to get justice, but their approach will usually be weak. For example, this can also include Gibraltar.

On the other side of the spectrum are reputable licensing authorities such as Malta, Alderney, Isle of Man, Curacao. In the event of a conflict with a casino licensed by some of these authorities, you have a very good chance of getting justice, and a decision in your favor.

3. The online casino has a good reputation

A good online casino is like a good insurance company. You only find out if you have a good insurance company after a harmful event, and the insurance company will fairly compensate you for the damage.

You will know whether you are playing in a good casino or not only after you win a significant amount, and the casino will easily pay out your money.

There are many documented cases where online casinos directly deceived players.

The most common methods of scam are:

1. The casino offers manipulated unlicensed games with a much lower payout ratio. Games are often exact replicas of favorite games made by honest game developers, mostly indistinguishable from the original.
2. The casino refuses to pay the winnings honestly won by the player:

  • The casino marks the winnings as a software error and does not recognize the player’s right to it. The casino tries to push the player to accept compensation in the amount of 10-20% of the initial winnings.
  • The casino imposes unjustifiably low withdrawal limits that prevent the withdrawal of larger winnings.
  • The casino delays the withdrawal of funds for no reason (for weeks or even months). The casino endlessly repeats the player’s identity check to stall.
  • The casino justifies refusing to pay out legitimate winnings in other ways.
  • The casino makes a payout condition to play on.

3. The casino often uses the bonus abuse clause. The casino marks each player who converts the bonus into real money as a bonus violator and cancels all bonus money.

Because of this practice, it is good to check the reputation of an online casino before depositing money.

We do this for you and regularly check the reputation of all the casinos on our list. If we find that any casino is acting unethically, we will remove it.

It’s important to understand that a new casino can also cheat you, even if it doesn’t have any public complaints yet.

It takes some time for first-time players to report a negative experience with the casino, and you may well be the first to complain.

The converse may also be true. Most likely, there will be at least some complaints about large casinos with a large number of players, despite their honest behavior.

4. Reasonably high returns in proportion to the amounts you play for. Reasonable withdrawal limits

If you are lucky enough to win a huge amount of money in a small casino, it will lead to a serious disruption of its cash flow.

The casino’s motivation to act dishonestly in this case will be very strong.
In the worst case scenario, the casino will face insolvency.

Then it’s not about honesty or dishonesty, but rather that they just don’t have the money.

Some slot machines have such a high variance that you can win up to 6000 times your bet in just one spin. In this case, if you bet $ / € 50, you will win $ / € 300,000.

Casinos do not like to set betting limits on their games, so as not to discourage the wealthiest players.

More transparent casinos circumvent this by setting a maximum withdrawal limit.

In such cases, you can at least now see that the casino does not have high returns, and a really high win will take you years to withdraw the money.

The least responsible casinos do not pay attention to this and only hope that no one will win such a large amount.

In any case, before you start playing, be sure to evaluate the financial power of the casino.

Always count on the best – with slot machines, be sure that the casino can pay out even a win of 6000 times your maximum bet.

If you accidentally win a large sum, and the casino does not pay you it, it will most likely have a negative impact on your mental health.

Be sure to also check your withdrawal limits. It will take you 5 years to withdraw $ / € 300,000, receiving $/€ 5,000 monthly.

This time is quite enough for the casino to go bankrupt, and it will not pay you the rest of your money.

To make your situation easier, we evaluate the financial strength of each casino for you. We show the withdrawal limits of each casino on our list.

For each casino, we also try to estimate the amount of winnings, which we consider to be a no-brainer.

5. The casino offers your favorite games

If you prefer a particular game, you will most likely be looking for online casinos that have this particular game. Our casino list will definitely help you find a casino that manages the games of your favorite game provider.

The preferences of the players are really different. By far the most popular category of games is slot machines.

The main difference between different casinos is the number of games they offer. If you like slot machines the most, check if the selected casino has enough games to choose from.

If you like classic slot machines like Book of Ra or Sizzling Hot Deluxe, or you want to play for millions of euros in Mega Moolah or Divine Fortune slot machines, you will be happy to find your favorite game added to the list of games.

Some of them like table games, including blackjack, baccarat or roulette.If you like these types of games, then you will definitely like it if the casino has a choice of several different options and types of blackjack or roulette.

If classic roulette wasn’t enough, some casinos like to experiment with completely new types of roulette.

As an example, we will give the type of roulette that is played with two balls and a chance to win the jackpot-Double ball roulette, and roulette with an additional type of bet-Key Bet roulette.

If you prefer to play live dealer games, which are becoming more and more popular, then our list of the best casinos will also help you once again.

Do you prefer scratch cards ? Many casinos do not offer this less popular type of game, but you will find them in some of them – our list of the best casinos will also help you find casinos that offer scratch cards.

6. Convenient & Attractive bonuses

Of course, every online casino tries to attract visitors with promotions in the form of bonuses. The correct use of bonuses can significantly help the average player to reduce the cost of their hobby.

Some players even focus solely on abusing bonuses in order to make a long-term profit.

If you are a casino player, then it is good to find meaning in the bonuses and their requirements, even if the abuse of bonuses is not your goal.

While with some bonuses it is always advantageous to accept them, others have such extremely unfavorable conditions that it is simply not entirely worth it.

An example is a deposit bonus, where the wagering requirements apply to both the deposit and the bonus amount together.

With very high wagering requirements, this bonus will unnecessarily limit you in your bets, as well as in the fact that you will not be able to withdraw your winnings until you meet the wagering requirements.

7. You can speak your language with the casino

Many casinos try to translate their website into as many languages as possible.

If a casino focuses on a particular country, it often provides customer support directly in that country’s language.

If you do not know how to speak English, such support can be a big plus for you.

The translated website and the terms and conditions will make it easier for you to understand the basic rules of the casino.

To answer potential questions or resolve small disputes, you don’t have to ask your English-speaking friend for help.

8. Graphically pleasing website

Without a doubt, the online casino site creates this most famous first impression of the casino, but it also greatly affects how much you enjoy playing it.

Of course, you can also play in a casino with an opaque and poorly functioning website, but you are well aware that this is not so pleasant.

The main rule is this: a large and reputable online casinos have a highly developed web sites.

Casino web design can become a place for competition between casinos. Worse-looking websites may offer a low budget, a startup casino, or a weak IT team.

But of course, in no case do you make a final opinion about the casino from your first impression of its website.

9. Fast and helpful customer support

When visiting an online casino, you often have to check for ambiguities regarding bonuses, terms and conditions, or the operation of the site.

In the case of customer support, the following rule must always apply: the faster, the better.

Ideally, the customer support service will include a 24-hour live chat with a very helpful and friendly person on the other side.

The complete opposite is just an email address, where you can send your questions and complaints, and then wait for a response for three days; or a phone number, which you absolutely can not get through.

10. Support for mobile casino games

The modernity of the current information age has caused online players to have a keen desire to play not only on a personal computer, but also on their mobile phones or tablets.

Why sit at the computer when you can comfortably sit in a chair with a mobile phone or tablet or take your favorite games with you anywhere?

Therefore, it is quite natural that the easy availability of mobile games becomes a new, but at the same time absolutely mandatory standard of quality in the world of online casinos.

We will also help you make sure that your chosen casino does not lag behind in supporting mobile casino games.

For each casino on our list, we also provide information about its convenience for mobile devices.

11. Deposit and withdrawal options, commissions

When choosing an online casino, it is certainly useful to consider all its deposit and withdrawal options.

It is not only the debit card fees that are irrelevant, but also how long you will wait for your withdrawal. In the case of transferring money to a bank account, it can take from three to seven days.

Many players find it convenient to use online wallets such as Skrill, Trustly or Neteller, or even prepaid cards such as Paysafecard.

Less common options are to make deposits through a mobile operator.

Not every casino offers such a wide range of deposit options. Therefore, in our list of online casinos, we did not forget to mention the payment options for each casino.

The casino usually checks the identity of the player before his first withdrawal.

Therefore, be sure to prepare a scan of your identity card or driver’s license and a document no older than three months confirming your place of residence (for example, a bank statement, utility bill or phone bill).

It is ideal to check exactly what documents the casino requires to verify your identity, and send these documents as soon as possible before depositing any money.

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