Deposit bonuses

Almost all casinos offer deposit bonuses. Therefore, it is very important to understand the conditions and specifics of bonuses.

Deposit bonuses are issued in the form of a credit, with which you can play normally. If you can meet all the conditions of the bonus, the remaining credit is converted into real money, which you can withdraw.

The bonus amount is set in the amount of the percentage increase in the deposit amount. Most often they offer 100% of the deposit amount, but you can also find offers (125%, 150%, 175%, 200% …) or lower (50%).

For example, if you deposit € 100 with a 100% bonus, you will have € 200 in your account. If 300%, then even as much as € 400.

The maximum bonus amount is usually limited and therefore you will not be able to get a large bonus, even if you make a large deposit. But if you make an amount less than the minimum deposit, you will not receive any bonuses. Usually the minimum deposit amount is €10.

Types of deposit bonuses

  • Welcome Bonus – the bonus that you receive on your first deposit. This is the biggest bonus that you can get when making a deposit.
  • Second, third and fourth deposit bonus – usually a bonus of 50-100% of the deposit is given.
  • Regular bonuses – given on a specific day assigned by the casino (for example, on Wednesday and on weekends). The bonus is approximately 25% of the deposit, but may change from time to time. Therefore, carefully study the promotions offered by your casino and determine for yourself the day when it is most profitable to make a deposit.

Rollover Requirements

You can’t withdraw the bonuses immediately, you must first use them in the casino (rollover requirements). Rollover bonus means that the amount of your bets must exceed n-fold the original bonus amount. For example, a bonus of €100 with an x40 wager requirement, you need to roll over € 4000.

If you play slots, then you need to spin 400 times (regardless of wins and losses). Many players fail to meet this condition and lose the bonus completely.

There are two options.

Only the bonus amount is taken into account in the Rollover requirements. First, you first play for a deposit and only after that you can start playing for bonuses. If you did not lose your money during the deposit game, but on the contrary even increased it, then you can refuse the bonus and withdraw the money. Bonuses act as your second chance.

The Rollover requirements take into account the bonus amount in combination with the deposit amount. For a deposit, you will receive it once in the form of a large bonus. As a rule, the requirements for this bonus are half as much as the rollover requirements.

Despite this, this type of bonus is less profitable. You are limited when playing for bonuses (requirements for the maximum bet amount, the list of allowed games, etc.).

And if you won when playing for a deposit, then you will still have to fulfill the rollover conditions. Otherwise, if you cancel the bonus, you will lose all your winnings and the casino will return you only the original deposit amount.

Therefore, before you take the bonus, look at what restrictions there are. Maybe in some cases it will be better to play only for a deposit? To help you in some way, we have indicated the profitability of each bonus.

In addition to the rollover requirements, the player must pay attention to other rules:

Time limits – for each bonus, the casino sets a time period during which it can be used. Usually this period lasts for a month, after which the bonus is canceled.

Maximum amount of convertible credit – if you manage to meet all the conditions of the bonus, the bonus can be converted into real money. The maximum amount that can be converted into money can also be written in the bonus terms. Let’s assume that this amount is 4 times the size of your deposit.

Even if you have played in the slot machines for € 3000 and used the bonus of € 100, and fulfilled all the conditions of the rollover, your winnings from the bonuses will still be € 400.

Limit on the maximum bet amount – the casino limits the maximum bet amount. This is done to limit the hunt for bonuses. Aggressive games with high variance are a good option for bonus hunters – the easiest way to bet the entire bonus in one round of roulette on a certain number.

And if you win, you increase the bonus by 36 times and it becomes very easy to meet the bonus requirements. You can simply change your strategy and play a low-variance game.

Is it worth taking a deposit bonus?

Yes, it is. They will allow you to prolong your fun and play longer, thereby significantly increasing your chances of winning.

Bonuses that are not worth taking are: a deposit account together with the bonus and if the bonus is less than 100% of the deposit.

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