Cashback bonuses

Cashback bonus is a certain percentage of the amount of money lost in the casino, which is returned to the gaming account. It usually ranges from 5 to 25%.

Sometimes the bonus is returned to the account in the form of real money, but most often in the form of a loan.

To convert the bonus into real money, you need to win it back.

Compared to free spins or deposit bonuses, you need to win back the cashback bonus no more than 10 times, but each casino has its own conditions. Also pay attention to the maximum bonus amount.

Let’s look at some examples

Suppose the casino gives a weekly cashback bonus of 20% (no more than €/$ 120).

  • Player A-last week lost €/$ 400. This means that the cashback bonus will be returned to him €/$ 400 x 0.2 = €/$ 80.
  • Player B-lost €/$ 800 and should get back €/$ 160  (€/$ 800 x 0.2), but since the bonus has a limit, only €/$ 120  will be returned to the player’s account.

There are also other cashback bonus options that casinos offer to their players.

Top up bonus

Top up bonus is a bonus that is issued not for losses, but, on the contrary, for winnings.

That is, in addition to winning, you will be credited with bonuses. The bonus amount usually varies from 3 to 10% of the winning amount.

Betting bonuses

Even less often, bonuses are given for bets. In this case, they are awarded regardless of whether you won or not. If any casino offers you this bonus, you can safely use it. The same applies to other cashback bonuses.

If you can take a cashback bonus, be sure to take it. It is quite easy to convert it into real money, and this is a very big plus when choosing a casino.

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